Application Completion & Submission

Allow The Assisted Living Coach to guide you on completing the right licensing documents, at the right time.

Home Set Up

Book The Assisted Living Coach to visit your facility and guide you on how to set up your facility.

Resident Assessments

Let me help you create a process for assessing prospective or current residents along with their level of care.


Service Plans

Let me help you establish your service plan and the services required to meet your residents needs.

Pre-Licensure Survey

Let me help you meet the licensing and certification requirements needed for your assisted living business.



Do you need more assistance in your assisted living journey? You can hire me to mentor you to success.

Learn About the Industry

The Assisted Living course will provide you with an extensive amount of education and tools to help you be successful in the industry and ensure the financial success of your business.

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The Assisted Living Course

Other Topics Covered


Learn where you may and may not build an assisted living facility, narrowing your search and saving you some time.


A standard survey is based on a specific procedure and assess compliance, care plans, quality of care and more.


You will learn how to provide copies of records and reports, including medical records upon request.


In addition to implementing safe practices throughout the home, assisted living facilities must prepare their staff and residents for an inspection.

Policy & Procedures

A policy and procedure manual is a key tool tool that is very useful and provides a road map for day-to-day operations.

Emergency Preparedness

Learn how to have a definite plan to deal with major emergencies when operating an Assisted Living Facility.

What You Will Get

Hybrid Learning

Enjoy a hybrid learning experience where you can learn live in person or from the comfort of your home.

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Business Toolkit

You will receive advice, tips, and strategies that will help you gain all of the information you need to get started in the $89 Billion-Dollar Assisted Living Industry.

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24/7 Customer Service

We do our best to provide up-to-date information for each state. We keep track of all the changing rules and regulations to help with your assisted living journey.

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Extensive Knowledge

You will get a hyper-intensive discussion covering many of the topics you will need to know to open your facility.

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Why take this Course ?

After taking the Assisted Living seminar you will gain an in-depth knowledge of what assisted living is, what services can be provided, how to find a home, how to design or decorate a home, and what inspections and surveys are needed.




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The Assisted Living Coach